How to wash your teeth properly

Dental cleaning is essential for good oral and general health. Brushing your teeth should be done at least twice a day, although the ideal is to do three. As a complement, dental floss should be used once every day. As good as we think we have our mouths, it’s recommended to go to the dentist for a more thorough dental cleaning, at least once a year. Many times our teeth can be invisible first, and also the dentist can diagnose possible pathologies that, if detected in time, can be treated correctly.

Despite the fact that dental cleaning is a very widespread habit, there is data that shows the incorrect way of brushing teeth that many people have, both children and adults.


How to perform dental cleaning in the correct way

The first factor to have in mind when cleaning your teeth is that the brush is clean and in a good condition. If these premises are met, manual and electric brushes are equally valid.

As a general rule, brushes should be changed every 3 months, or sooner if we see that their condition has deteriorated.

Regarding the frequency and duration of brushing, it is advisable to do it 3 times a day for about 2 minutes each.


How should brushing technique be?

The brushing technique is the aspect that usually creates more doubts in dental cleaning. It is essential that the toothpaste used has fluoride (practically all have this element today).

It should be used in a moderate way, since in excess, it can generate an excess of foam that does not favor cleaning.

To acquire good habits, it is advisable to clean your mouth thoroughly and always in the same order. You can start with the upper teeth, first on the outer sides and then on the inner ones, making gentle circular movements so that the bristles cover the gums and teeth.

It is important not to exert excessive pressure so as not to cause damage to the mouth and to finish with the cleaning of the teeth, we move on to the grinding faces, which is carried out with horizontal sweeping movements.

Brushing accessories: dental floss and mouthwash

In addition to toothpaste and a brush, it is advisable to complement oral hygiene with the use of mouthwashes and dental floss (complement, never substitute).

Dental floss should be used at least once a day to clean any debris that may have remained between the teeth, while the mouthwash is used to eliminate bacteria and drag the last remains of dirt that may remain. Before using this product, it is recommended that you consult with your dentist which type and how often is best for you.

A correct dental cleaning depends largely on the habits we have in our daily life. Your health and your image will be favored by following a few guidelines at home, without forgetting to go to the dentist at least once a year or when you notice some kind of problem.

The tongue is also an area to take into account when cleaning the mouth, as it is an area where food remains can accumulate. It must also be done gently and on the front and back.



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