¿What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch or speciallity of dentistry whose goal is the correct alignment of teeth.

This means that it is not only importan that the maxilla and jaw appear well placed, but that the relationship between both arches must be perfect, meshing in order to make the chewing function. In conclusion, it is not just an aesthetic speciallity but also functional.

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Fixed orthodontics and removable orthodontics


Fixed orthodontics is the one which the patient can not remove. The orthodontics places it ti perform its function and every monthly check-up assesses the status of the treatment, modifying it if necessary.

The most common example is braces, it is the first fixed orthodontics treatment that comes up to our mind. However we can find another type of fixed orthodontics such as the quad helix or circuit breaker, both placed in the palate area.

On the other hand, it appears removable orthodontics, which the patient can remove and must be used when told by the orthodontics. Traditionally the best known removable orthodontics were chinrests, placed within the night to boost or slow down the growth of the jaw or maxilla, depending on the type. There also exists intraoral plaques which place the maximun number of hours a day to make its effect.

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¿How much it is?

Given its versatility to cover and type of occlusal pathology and its ability to be unnoticed, with a greater comfort to the patient, invisible orthodontics has a higher price than metal orthodontics. The patient will decide to choose one or another, according to the desires of aesthetics and comfort during the orthodontics treatment.

An orthodontics treatment price will depend, almost 100% of the gravity or lightness of the case that has to be solved. The greater the crowding or alteration of the occlusion, the longer it takes to achieve a favorable state of the oral cavity. Likewise, it will depend on whether the problem is only in the teeth or if there is decompensation in bone size, this leads to the alteration of the occlusion. In that case, it will also take more time to be solved correctly.

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Cleaning or Hygienist session
from £90 up to £130
White Filling
from £ 110
Teeth Whitening
from £370
Emergency Appointment
Dental Implant
from £1.450
OPG x-ray (Panoramic)
from £550
from £180
Invisalign (single arch)
from £1650

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