How Myobrace works

The Myobrace system is a pre-orthodontic system that is being used more and more by dentists in London, New York and the main cities of the world due to its great efficiency.

Incorrect malfunction of lips, tongue and mouth breathing are some of the main causes of crowding of teeth and diverse growth problems related to the jawbones.

Myobrace myofunctional braces are designed to align the teeth to solve the causes that have induced these malformations. Im many cases, there is no need of a later treatment with retainers and braces.

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Orthodontic treatments during the growth stage are almost always satisfactory when meeting the jawbones of children in a developmental stage. The first visit to the orthodontist should take place when our little ones turn three years old, although many parents mistakenly think that children shouldn’t recur to the orthodontist until having their permanent teeth. When dentists detect a lack of space for teeth or malocclusion problems, they recommend an orthodontic treatment which can be functional or interceptive, by using removable appliances in order to stop or stimulate the growth of the jawbones.


In this way it is achieved:

• To teach adolescents and children not to breathe through the mouth and do it correctly by the nose.
• To lace the tongue resting on the palate, its correct posture.
• To avoid swallowing problems.
• To stimulate the widening and development of the jawbones until their size is optimate and teeth count with room to emerge.

These devices should be used, as a regular rule, for one hour a day and at night.

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Different Myobrace systems

The different Myobrace systems exist depending on the needs of each patient and on their age: 

• Myobrace children: Patients from 3 to 5 years old.
• Myobrace teens: Patients from 5 to 15 years old.
• Myobrace adults: Patients over 15 years of age
The chances of success are greater the sooner the treatment starts.


Stages of Myobrace treatment

As a general rule, Myobrace treatment consists of 4 stages:

• The correction of inappropriate myofunctional habits.
• The widening of the upper jaw and development of the arch, in a way that the space between the tongue and teeth is appropriated.
• The tooth alignment in adolescent patients.
• Retention stage to ensure the maintenance of correct oral habits and settle the results.


Dental health is notably reflected in our general health. It is fundamental that the mouth of young children, from the age of three, is checked by an orthodontist, so that possible problems existing in their early ages can be tackled. The Myobrace system is the most suitable, not only to fix the alignment of teeth but also to adopt good habits whose benefits will last a lifetime.


Cleaning or Hygienist session
from £90 up to £130
White Filling
from £ 110
Teeth Whitening
from £370
Emergency Appointment
Dental Implant
from £1.450
OPG x-ray (Panoramic)
from £550
from £180
Invisalign (single arch)
from £1650

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